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Paulmann: Passionate about light – for more than 35 years.

In 1968 Rüdiger Paulmann, already experienced in the lighting business, opens a store for light bulbs and lamps. In the following years he realizes: There is a lack of decorative light bulbs. Exquisitely shaped lamps are being sold with standard bulbs.

The creative businessman conducts the first trial runs in 1975, and after a few months he succeeds in refining the first glass bulbs. In 1978 Paulmann is incorporated and begins the professional production of decorative light bulbs.

Paulmann turns many more light-related ideas into lamps and light bulbs. Today’s motto for every employee is: We create good lighting for every customer. This means: Lighting that creates a comfortable atmosphere in every room.

Since the beginning in 1978 the family business is based in Völksen, where Paulmann employs 280 people. More than 90 work in subsidiaries in Austria, France and elsewhere. Including the salespeople in 40 countries in Europe and North America, the company employs approximately 500 people. Its open and cooperative corporate culture symbolizes “Lighting by people for people”.