Rotary St@dttour Springe

In 1955 the county of Springe was granted the right to establish a second pharmacy. Among 50 other applicants, the privilege – as it was called at that time – was given to pharmacist Bruno Venema and his son Hans Bruno. The opening on the former premises of farmer Heinrich Gassmann in the newly built residential and commercial building on Bahnhofstraße 1 was delayed until January 1958.
Strangely enough – after a collegue had objected – the entrance couldn’t be built on Lange Straße, because there was already a pharmacy on the same street on the market place. As a name they chose „Niedertor Apotheke“ because it stood on a historical site where one of the three Springe town gates used to be.
Bruno Venema was in charge of the pharmacy until July 1973 and then passed it on to Dr. U. Klewe. In July 1984 Klaus Petersen took over the pharmacy. Due to a great number of new laws he modernized it completely.